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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to sell an unregistered or unroadworthy car?

We buy cars in any condition. Reach us and we pay you top dollars. Terms & conditions apply. Contact us for more information

  1. A valid license of the car owner.
  2. A signature on the receipt provided by the tow truck driver.
  3. A copy of owner’s phone ID.

Is it possible to sell my car today?

Yes, as long as we are not fully booked for today. Our car selling process takes only a few hours from initial inquiry to completed transactions.
Simple steps: 

  • Call us at 080-088-8592
  • Get a Quote on the phone
  • Get paid in your driveway

Do you pay cash for a car?

Yes, absolutely we can pay you cash for your scrap car. At Choice Auto Car Dismantler, we pay cash for a car up to $10,000. We determine the value of any damaged vehicle in any condition at our car wreckers in order to provide you with fast cash.

Do you buy old car?

Don’t think your old has no value, we promos to pay top cash for your old car. Instead of parking it in your driveway, sell it to us.

How long will it take to pickup my car?

Once you sold your unwanted car to us, we will immediately send our tow truck to come to your address and pickup the car right away.

What do i need to open the files ?

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What documents do you require if I sell my old car?

We certainly check all legal and registration papers of your car. After checking the documents and once approved, we will pay the price in cash on the spot.  

How to scrap a car easily?

We buy scrap cars and recycle them. We pay cash and offer free pickup. Help us make our environment cleaner and eco-friendly. 

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